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Very Sleepy-relax and sleep necklace

Very Sleepy-relax and sleep necklace

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Relax and sleep necklace

sleep and insonia necklace. Made with howlite for anti anxiety and anti panic thoughts, amethyst for relaxing and healing, turquoise as a master healer and balancer, selenite for peaceful sleep, and onyx for keeping away fears and nightmares. You can set it by your bed at night, or wear it around in the evening, or on any day when your anxiety might be high. calming, soothing, quieting. This style is long, hangs just over the heart, but can be ordered shorter in the comments section.

 As always, this handcrafted jewelry is made with love and magical history, using only the highest quality genuine crystals and gemstones. This is intended to be a holistic, metaphysical aid to a healthful lifestyle, but it is not to be used as a replacement or substitute for professional medical or psychological care.

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