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Your Naked Fairy crystal friends come to you energetically “clean and cleared” of any extraneous energy, whether in a gift bag, jewelry box, or corked bottle. It will also be sent with salt and sage, and a card with a brief written description of your item.

Your original Naked Fairy Synergy design is one of a king. Handmade  bracelets and necklaces of high quality crystals and gemstones from reputable sources all over the planet. I have done the research for you, and have carefully selected and blended traditional stones, that for thousands of years, have been known to enhance, accelerate, attract, repel, or neutralize certain subtle energy frequencies specific to certain conditions in our emotions, physical health, spiritual experience, and environmental influence. Everything is energetic. Your bodies natural condition is one of health and happiness. Not all blends will work in the same way on different people. You are as unique as the crystals, and we interact with them in specialized ways.

Hold your helping stones and fill them with your intentions. You don’t have to wear them all the time, they will benefit you just as well if you choose to keep them in a bag, your pocket, or under your pillow. Occasionally clear them with a little filtered water, (except selenite and calcite)or time in the sun or moonlight. Music or sage smoke are common ways to clean and refresh them, too. Your crystals will attune to you and your energy, its not recommended to pass them around if you are working on a personal effect.

That being said, let me clearly state that I am not a medical practitioner, I do not claim in any way to treat, diagnose, cure, or reverse any condition of body, mind, or spirit, and I do encourage you to seek whatever medical path you would normally pursue. My products are an aid to a healthy lifestyle, and should be viewed as such, not as a replacement for traditional medical care. Listen to your body.

I hope you enjoy this experience, and it brings you great blessings.

Peace, Robin