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Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicateIts It's name is derived from a visual effect, or sheen, caused by light diffraction within a microstructure consisting of a regular succession of feldspar layers. (wiki)
Moonstone is all about the Divine Feminine aspect. Intuition, pregnancy, nurturing, fertility, birth and death, and all of the natural rhythms in between. It is a powerful crystal for healing emotions, or striving for emotional balance in the midst of mood swings. Moonstone represents endings and beginnings, manifesting ones destiny, feminine hormonal issues and reproductive issues. Moonstone has a very clear and  high vibration, that can be easily picked up, even by those who don't consider themselves crystal sensitive.  It represents fertility, safe pregnancy and the bringing of a  thing into fruition and completion.
Physically, it is known to be used as an aid for issues concerning the lungs, congestion, estrogen balance, nausea, milestone life cycles
Moonstone can be almost white to clear with a soft internal glow, or contain the full spectrum of the rainbow that flashes with the light. The colors do not determine it's value, but depth, clarity, and size.  There is a type called black moonstone, which can easily be mistaken for labradorite, but is not the same thing. It can also be very blue, or even deep lilac. 
Moonstone is considered a very powerful tool for psychic development and awareness. Women often gravitate toward it's soft light and strong healing powers. It has long been a favorite among light workers, healers and seekers. It opens up your intuition and invites the Goddess energies, and guides to work with you. It's great crystal to work with at night, during a full moon, or while you are sleeping.