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Hematite, The Warriors Magic Mirror

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Hematite, The Warriors Magic Mirror.

Hematite is one of the oldest minerals used in a symbolic and talismental way, long before it was regarded as beautiful,  potentially healing jewelry. Hematite is something like 68% pure iron oxide, which gives it that great reddish hue, shining through the dark gray super steely looking surface. Hematite was the first thing that people used specifically as an actual mirror, and the very wealthy from ancient times could afford to have a large piece carved and polished to be highly reflective. Hematite's protective qualities are often referred to as a magic mirror, that sends the poison thoughts or words back to the sender, but beware when your own behavior is shown to you. It reflects fairly, without judgement, for all to consider. It is also said to deflect environmental pollutants like excessive or discordant frequencies.

Hematite is named for a variation on the Greek word that meant "blood", as iron strengthens the blood, increases red cell production, and thereby increases oxygen uptake to all of the systems. It is not surprising that warriors would tip their spears and knives with it as a show of strength and virility. According to lore, iron is the enemy of evil, and the favorite metal of heroes, just ask Thor.

Hematite combines well in crystal healing with other detoxifying stones and crystals, as well as other root chakra and grounding gems and crystals. It is an extremely grounding stone, and a good choice to carry if you are prone to drifting away into other dimensions, practice a lot of spiritual diligence, but can forget the here and now requirements of living in a body. It also has a vague reputation as a talsiman for swinging legal decisions in your favor-I assume due to the "victor of the righteous" connotations.  

Magnetic hematite, often used in magnet therapies, is not a naturally occurring phenomenon, and real hematite will not be attracted to a magnet. That does not in any way invalidate magnetic therapies, I'm just pointing out a fact, in case you are curious. Also, real hematite will streak dark red if you scrape it against a tile, fake will not, it will leave a grey or black mark.

I use hematite in a few of my Naked Fairy Apothecary designs for protection, blood health, and wellness aids, see all designs in the shopping section. 

Enjoy and respect your hematite, but remember the basic rule of elixirs, and NEVER put metal based gemstones directly into your water! 

Peace, Naked Fairy Apothecary.

close up of a hematite, blood stone and calcite necklace for urinary issues



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