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Crystals for Dealing with Conflict

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Anger deflecting crystals. Negativity protection necklace. Design style Anger ManagementI've talked a little bit about crystals for protection and I just wanted to add a few words about some crystals that have practical applications in our daily lives. There seems to be a lot of communication going on constantly, but little true emotional connection or interpersonal connections. Ideas and intent often gets lost in electronic translation, and it is common to misinterpret meanings when one is sifting through hurried texts or e mails. 

This is one design I created out of smoky quartz, obsidian, onyx, and tourmaline, with kyanite. It's action is entirely protective. It is meant to block off, deflect, and return negativity to the sender. I added the blue kyanite in an attempt to build and encourage a little understanding. 

So, kyanite is useful to build bridges between differing points of view. It harmonizes all the chakras and promotes emotional balance. 

Green calcite is a really good crystal for releasing pent up bitterness and resentment that you may be holding against another. 

Prehnite is a soft greenish blue stone that empowers the ability to forgive. Chrysoprase has a similar action on softening our hard feelings with understanding and emotional generosity. Energizing tolerance without the need to co-sign the bad behavior of others.  

Jade releases jealousy and envy, and helps us to feel good about ourselves, and giving kindness to others. It inspires material generosity, and asks us to share freely with others. Emerald carries this intent as well 

Moonstone and chrsysocolla inspire intuition and nurturing, and offers the vibration of motherly love toward the wayward child. 

Amazonite fights and deflects gossip and pettiness, such as one might be exposed to in an office full of catty women. It has the added benefit of sending the offending vibe back to the source. 

Whether you choose to purchase or create your own Naked Fairy products, or go to your local rock shop and pick up a few of these crystals for your desk, it's good to know the Earth provides us with solutions to just about everything. 

Blessings and Magic

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