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Todays Stone of the Day 

Arfvedsonite has a gentle, comforting and re assuring energy. It is said to release built up emotional and subconscious blockages in the energetic body, and heighten your sense of optimism. It is a good psychic protection stone, resonating  to the throat and root chakras, encouraging communication, and seeking truth and light. It is an uncommon stone, found only in areas of Russia, mostly living under the radar, as collector specimens go. It is often confused with astrophylite, although it's energy is quite different, and the layering and feathery labradoressence is very unique, reminding me more of seraphinite than anything else. It holds within itself a deep mysterious blueness that isn't at first apparent. You have to really look at it in different lighting to appreciate the depth. It is one of those stones you just can't quit looking at. It seems to shift in different light. 

Arfvedsonite is most famous for having a reputation for helping one to see into the near future. which is why,  I'm sure, that I bought it in the first place. I don't know about that, but from my experience, it really draws connections and synchronicities, in a very smooth and easy way. I like to have it with me a good bit, and so designed this less than perfect wire wrap, so I could at least put it on a cord. It is available online, although I only saw a couple of dealers. I purchased this one from Fundamental Rockhound, after selling my piece to a friend. I missed the little weirdo, and so adopted what must be his brother. 

So, if you enjoy protection stones with a surprise inside, find yourself a piece of arfvedsonite, and I'd love to hear about your experiences with it. 



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