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Who You Are and What You Seek

Robin Horn

This facilitation seems to work best if I know a little more about the “why” of what you seek, than the “what”. Every piece is original, and It’s my goal to get the right combination to the right person. If, for instance, you are looking at weight loss energy stones for your own personal goals, that’s great, if you’re looking at them because your boyfriend thinks your fat, you might lean toward A Higher Love, or something for self-confidence. Si? Even in health concerns, here is a standard combo (Ur in Trouble) that holds energetic stones for bladder and kidney issues, but a client had told me she also had ulcers, so I included jet and fluorite for her, specifically. It doesn’t raise the price.
Again, these are meant more as a Crystal Grid, that you wear and energize, it is not medicine, and I do not claim that anything I make will cure, treat, diagnose or change a condition of body, soul, or circumstance. It is an personal aid that I feel will work with you and your intentions.
I cross reference several sources, what I believe, what has worked well for others, and information from other stone workers and healers. I sometimes utilize other tools, like the Crystal Ally cards, to come up with something specifically for you. It’s not required, you are welcome to order anything just as it is, it will still be unique and personally yours.
On that note, natural gemstones and crystals often vary in color and size, so I may add an extra item or in some way re arrange others to adjust for balance. Some stones are multi colored, like mookaite, so both sides may not be color mirror images. That is part of the personality

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