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The Naked Word that wasn't. On serpentine, blood stone and technical difficulty

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Checking in with the world this evening. I had intended to write my weekly fabulous Blog, "The Naked Word" (of which there is currently one entry) but I have discovered that while making my new website, there were more and more things I didn't know. Life is a journey, not a destination, that's a fact. I am a painter, an artist, a researcher, a healer, and a jewelry designer. I am NOT a marketing SEO specialist, web designer, computer programmer, or media maven. Apparently, these are skills one must acquire, slowly and painfully through time and experience, much like grey hair. On the upside, I found a lovely new friend, Serpentine. It's a beautiful light greenish yellow stone that has an exterior that looks a little like lizard skin. As usual, it stood out in the rock-filled shop, like it was shouting and waving, even though it's a small, quiet, rather unassuming little thing. It's qualities are said to be "helping you get your shit together". I think we needed each other. I carried it around all day, and I did feel pretty happy and productive, and a little more energetic than usual. But,of course, I could attribute that to the blood stone and phantom quartz in my water. Peace.

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