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Quartz Crystal, or, The Incredible Lightness of Transparency

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The title, Quartz crystal, refers to a very large family of gemstones and crystals, from the mundane to the exotic, made up of primarily silicon dioxide. It can be found in multitudes of atomic organizations, and in the fullest range of color that we are capable of perceiving. Quartz crystal is one of the most common and indispensable substances on our planet.

The thought of how personal transparency relates to quartz came into my thought space today. When social media was new, it was like a strange houseguest-we didn't know quite how to act or react, but defaulted to our best and brightest behavior, reveling in our rich and exciting lives, and telling stories, so as to be entertaining and get along well with others. After a comfortable amount of time, (15 years?), we gave up on false pretense, and even on the idea that we could go unnoticed if we choose, that was also a false concept. So we accepted, like the quartz, we can be many things, depending upon heat, time, environment, and intention, and that, although we could present ourselves as anything we wanted to be, in the end, the clarity of who and what we are, is apparent in the time-space that we are engaged in at the moment, and with the agreement, that nothing is real, save that which does not change.

 Quartz is quartz, but it is also a phantom, a rose, a tangerine, a dark smoke, a hidden city, a blend of opposite inclusions that is at peace with the dichotomy in itself. All of it is valuable, and no two pieces or points are the same. A rose quartz has a vastly difference essence and healing properties than a black and white sardonyx. Are they quartz? Yes. 

Some common forms found in association within the quartz family are chalcedony, jasper, tigers eye, sardonyx, agate and carnelian, to name just a few. We put them into different categories because their metaphysical and healing properties have a different signature than clear crystal quartz.

Quartz has scientific and practical value aside from it's inherent healing properties. Quartz has the ability to record and store large amounts of information, and to generate electromagnetic energy in response to applied pressure. Silicon dioxide is the main working component in all modern electronics today, and much of it is now produced, or cloned, in a lab at a low cost for industrial use. I have previously touched on that subject as a reminder when purchasing stones or jewelry, to check, if it's important to you, for key words or phrases that might indicate you are not buying a natural gemstone. Although some are quite beautiful, they carry little, if any metaphysical or healing properties. In gemstones, as in all things, what is of real value is something we can feel inside ourselves if we pause and listen to our bodies, and if something sounds ridiculous, it probably is. ( no, you cannot buy aaa precious emeralds on Etsy, shipped from China, for 22.00 a strand....). I personally use clear quartz in many of my Naked Fairy designs to amplify the qualities of surrounding stones and overall effectiveness of the piece. 

I intend these blogs and newsletters to be fun and informative, so I have enclosed a few generalities about common forms of quartz. Volumes can be be written about each one, so this is a tiny and general overview. I will include a link for more technical information.

rose quartz-a pink to violet transparent crystal often associated with attracting romantic love, loving oneself, activating the heart chakra, healing emotional pain, and aiding the circulatory system, and promoting feelings of contentment and peace. Aids in meditation, peaceful sleep, and emotional and hormonal balance.

smokey quartz-associated with dispelling negative energy from our own system, as well as deflecting the negativity of others away from us. It has a calming energy that soothes frustration and anger, and  is said to effectively treat ailments of the hips, legs, abdomen, kidneys, and pancreas, and increase back strength, as well as dispel depression.

citrine-natural citrine is a light, lemon or honey colored crystal, a little on the pricey side, as natural varieties are not as common as the commercial irradiated type. Known as the Merchants stone, it is commonly used to attract money, things of material value, luck, and success in business transactions. It has traditionally been physically associated with aiding the bladder, urinary system, solar plexus chakra, boosting energy, the nervous system, and helping one to be more creative and adventurous.

amethyst-one of the most common and popular types of quartz, it can be used for spiritual and psychic development, as well as psychic and emotional protection. It is a pale to dark purple and transparent crystal with a high and clear vibration, that makes a great beginner stone for someone new to crystal energy to work with, as most people can "feel" the vibrations. 

At any rate, I have become accepting of transparency, which translates straight over to honesty, and does not necessarily have to usurp ones privacy. A thing, even a quartz, is what it is. Or IS it? 

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May the world treat you today, like you treated it yesterday, with Love! 


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