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A Word About Naked Fairy Designs, and why I wear crystal jewelry

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 A Word About Naked Fairy Designs.

Crystals and gemstones, like human beings, are complex, vital, varied, and beautiful. Unlike us, however, they are extremely stable and dependable. A crystals atomic structure is repeated evenly throughout the crystal. This perfect geometry makes their individual vibrations very regular and predictable. There are multitudes of levels, colors, and waves-most of which are fairly imperceptible- which interact with our human input and output of energetic expression, which is why we have, over the ages, ascribed different healing qualities to particular stones.

How can wearing a pretty rock combination effect my well being, and why would I wear one? To create changes in your energy frequency, physically and spiritually.  Human beings have multitudes of complex vibrational energy centers, (not just seven.) Our energy is not stable, it fluctuates wildly depending on our emotional, spiritual and physical condition at any given time. Your body's optimal state is one of health of happiness. 

Naked Fairy crystal combinations are called "synergy blends", because much like with herbs or cosmetics, if you combine separate elements in a certain way, you get another frequency altogether.  Through education, and personal experience I have found blends that I believe work harmoniously towards certain ends, even if they seem a little odd. Some of them are, actually. Sometimes I separate what may otherwise be a dissonant frequency with silver, to break the bond, or increase it by layers of quartz. I use the highest quality crystals and gemstones I can buy, hand selected from different shops, shows, and individuals. You can get something that looks similar for less money, but if the quality isn't there, it won't have an effect, and it will be just another pretty trinket. All of my spacers are sterling silver or 14k gold plate, as are the clasps and wire. Colored crystal accents are exclusively Swarovski, and any whimsical findings (a rare addition) are clearly noted in the description as czech blown glass, or nickel free plate. The majority of my designs are completely stone and crystal. Pendants, when ordered, are purchased or designed by a handful of extremely reputable artisans.

Your Crystal healing necklace will probably not bring you a lover, a job, or rid you of a debilitating disease. However, it is my assertion, that we are  co-creators and participants in our well being, that crystal energy is a real and valid gift of healing that will create subtle shifts that work in so many unique ways, you will be amazed. We are all different, your results will be unique. But they will always, strive toward your highest and best evolution. 

Two vibrations in opposition cannot remain separately static in the same space. The vibration of most illness is very low and dense, the vibration of, say, amethyst, is a very high and clean. The lower frequency will tend to acclimate to attempt to adjust to the purer vibration, this is called entrainment. Our natural state is one of of perfect health. Whether we are aware of it or not, we will always seek to create wellness. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

Because of their unique structure, crystals are programmable, which means they can also store and transfer energy. I also, personally believe they store some manner of consciousness. Not like a dog, or a panda, of course, but who are we to decide what is conscientiousness? If you spend some time with them, you may discovery some interesting and amusing things. At the very least, is the principal that whatever we focus on, pay attention to, or send loving energy towards, will expand. and re direct outward. 

Wearing crystals and gemstones by themselves or in certain combinations can create minor adjustments in the energetic field.  Seeking to create, restore and invite  effects in our spiritual and physical experience. Carrying them in your pocket or arranging them in your living space are some other ways to feel their effects. base my designs on agreeable combination of ancient stories, magical folklore, and practical Eastern Medicine as described in many books. ( I re iterate, I am not a Doctor). My favorites being Stone Medicine, by Leslie Franks, Crystal Prescriptions, by Judy Hall, the irascible Robert Simmons, of course, and many old and obscure tomes that I could list, but its a long one. As in all things, we learn a thing by practicing it, continuously learning about it and loving it. Thank you for visiting my shop #nfapothecary

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The Naked Fairy

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